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Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
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Live on @Myfox9 with mini ball of paper come see us #EcoExperience #recyclemoremn

TGIF! Celebrate your long weekend with #EcoExperience at the #MNStateFair :) The weather’s going to be gorgeous this weekend! (at Eco Experience, Minnesota State Fair)


Photo of the Day: Baby Honeybee

Photo by Barbara Storms (Califon, NJ, USA); Tewksbury, NJ, USA

Big or small we can all learn about #renewablenergy. This little fair goer is learning about solar electric energy. Shoutout to our @mnrenewables exhibit partners! (at Eco Experience, Minnesota State Fair)


The T-shirts at the State Fair are always an interesting referendum on the public’s tastes, interests and general attitudes about life in Minnesota. This year, with no hotly contested elections or ballot initiatives, and the relative demise of the Tea Party, the T-shirt landscape seems much less politically charged than it has in years past.

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Fresh & Local Podcast: Warren Anderson - Fall Gardening »

(Source: mplsfarmersmarket)

Can’t miss the Tiny Solar House at #EcoExperience! #Didyouknow you can rent it? Learn more from @mnrenewables Tanks for the awesome pic @travistotz

How awesome would it be if the #MNStateFair was zero-waste? The #MPCA is ready to get on board with that! Tell us your thoughts.

#tbt to our past #MNStateFair exhibits Can you guess what years?

Have you taken the pledge to #recyclemoreMN? Make your promise at #ecoexperience