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Minnetonka middle schools move to reusable utensils »

You might think that purchasing reusable eating utensils and bowls for schools would increase water consumption as well as costs, but Minnetonka Middle Schools (East and West) discovered firsthand that this is not the case. 

Become an energy vampire slayer »

Energy vampires are electronic devices that use standby power, which means they keep drawing power even when they are turned off. 

MSP Airport plans to build state's largest solar power project - Star Tribune »

9 Memes Of A Little African Boy That Are Funny Because They're True »

A little bit of perspective. 


Why fixing climate change may turn out to be a bargain
We’ve been told for years that tackling climate change will be costly and might ‘destroy’ the economy. According to two new studies, however, measures to stabilize the climate could pay for themselves.


We’re driving less.

#airquality #beairaware #nonpointair


Could bacteria from honeybees replace antibiotics?
Bacteria discovered in the honey stomachs of bees can heal persistent wounds and beat antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs,’ a new study shows, generating buzz about their potential use in medicine.

Minneapolis prepares for major composting test - Star Tribune »

Tune in @KSTP 5 pm Pioneer Industries N MPLS recycler creates jobs


Get the latest on how President Obama’s partnering with businesses to combat climate climate.